Corona News March/April (en)

When is the next Hinz&Kunzt edition coming? Corona seller fund, Help offers in Hamburg, Check payout: Hinz&Kunzt Corona News.

Hinz&Kunzt Randnotizen

Freitags informieren wir per Mail über die Nachrichten der Woche:

When is the next Hinz&Kunzt edition coming?

Quite frankly, we don’t know! Due to the growing spread of the corona virus, the risk of infection continues to increase. Added to this are the city’s contact restrictions, which make our personal newspaper distribution impossible. It is to be hoped that today’s measures will take effect quickly and that we can start together again soon. We’ll keep you up to date!

Please check back regularly on our website. You will find all the important information in the „Seller“ area:

Corona seller fund

Not a newspaper, but still not standing empty-handed

In April unfortunately there can not be no printed newspaper for street sales. Instead, we will offer an online edition for download on our website. In connection with this, we campaign for donations that flow into the Corona seller fund.

The donations are for everyone who was active as a seller this year and is now unable to make ends meet without newspapers.

Please just give us a call if you run out of money! We will pay you a survival aid of € 100 in April.

If you cannot reach us by phone, please leave your name, seller and telephone number on the answering machine. We will call back!

  • Zentrale: 040 32 108-311
  • Isabel: 040 32 108-410
  • Irina: 040 32 108-309
  • Vertrieb: 040 32 108-343
  • Stephan: 0179 74 59 862

Help offers in Hamburg

Where can you get what help?

Many homelessness facilities have now closed or are only operating in emergency mode. The situation changes almost daily, so it is difficult to keep an overview.

Please have a look at our website! There we try to give you an overview of the current offer of help in Hamburg. If you don’t have internet access, please call our social workers.

How can I ask for help if I can’t speak German?

  1. Maybe you have colleagues or friends who speak German and can call us for you?
  2. If you have access to the Internet, send us an email. Leave us your name, seller number and phone number. Write to us in your language what concerns you have. We try to answer your message with a translation program:

Corona stories from the street

Know how you’re doing!

Not only we, but also your customers and readers wonder how you are and how the Corona crisis affects life on the street.

How do you deal with the situation when you don’t have a safe retreat? Please call the editors if you want to report on your experiences. The editorial team also remains available for you. Please speak to the answering machine and leave your name and telephone number, the editors will call you back!

Tel: 040 / 32 108 314,

Check payout

Is my check already there and how do I get my money?

Please contact Jörn first to clarify whether the checks are already there. Jörn will tell you when he can be there, to pay out the checks.

Jörn: 040 / 32 108-403

Important post for you?

Is there mail for me and when can I pick it up? You can use this phone number to ask whether mail has arrived for you:

Tel: 040 / 32 108-311

You can pick up the post from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 15:00. Just knock on the window where the flag is, there you will find a colleague who will help you.

A final request:

Please take this virus seriously and protect yourself from it as much as possible! We can replace your loss of money to some extent, but not your health!

Your Hinz & Kunzt team

Jörn Sturm
Seit 2019 Geschäftsführer von Hinz&Kunzt